Virtual Event

Discover the evolving world of CNS drug discovery

13:20 - 17:30 BST
Wednesday 22nd July 2020

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13:20 Opening Remarks and Welcome
Professor Jo Neill (BAP) and Dr Laura Ajram (Psychiatry Consortium and MDC)

Session 1
Chaired by Ms Sarah Almond (Charles River)

13:30 The Changing Neuroscience Drug Discovery Landscape in the UK 
Dr Laura Ajram (Psychiatry Consortium and MDC)

13:50 Psychiatry Drug Discovery: Searching for the Low Hanging Fruit in Industry and Academia
Professor John Atack (Cardiff)

14:10 Optimising Preclinical Drug Discovery for Motor Neuron Disease – An Academic / Industrial Collaborative Approach
Dr Richard Mead (Sheffield)

14:30 Drug Discovery Targeting Genetic Hits in Psychiatry (CACNA1C)
Professor Liz Tunbridge (Oxford)

14:50 Breakout Rooms
(Meet the speakers, Meet the BAP, Meet the Psychiatry Consortium)

Session 2
Chaired by Professor Bill Deakin (Manchester)

15:20 Advancing Therapeutics against Truly Novel Targets for CNS Diseases: From Human Tissue to the Clinic
Dr Nicola Brice (Cerevance)

15:40 Development of Psilocybin for TRD
Dr Ekaterina Malievskaia (Compass Pathways)

16:00 What can we Learn from Oncology? Evolving Methods for Ethical and Efficient Evidence Generation for Off-label Medication use in Neurooncology
Dr Ndaba Mazibuko (London)

16:20 Emerging Neuroscience Approaches for Novel Therapeutic Discovery in Mood Disorders
Dr Wayne Drevets (Janssen)

16:40 Panel Q&A with all Speakers
Chaired by Dr Wayne Drevets (Janssen)

17:10 Wrap-up & Close Session

17:30 Breakout Room Networking

Psychopharmacology drug discovery in the 21st century


This innovative event will showcase the new approach of academic and biotech groups towards target validation, drug discovery and development in neuroscience. Speakers will explain the fresh approaches taken by these groups and how these differ from the traditional approach taken by pharma. The first part of the afternoon will be pre-clinically focussed, with the second part moving on to later stage programs with products in clinical development.

This event is a collaboration between 
the Psychiatry Consortium and the British Association for Psychopharmacology (BAP).

The Psychiatry Consortium is a strategic collaboration of leading medical research charities and pharmaceutical companies focusing on the challenge of identifying and validating novel drug targets to address the unmet therapeutic needs of the people living with mental health conditions.

The BAP is a learned society and registered charity. It promotes research and education in psychopharmacology and related areas, and brings together people in academia, health services, and industry.

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