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Our virtual network has over 330 clinical sites and 1.5 million banked biosamples

Our experienced team have a wealth of commercial, industrial, and academic expertise

Biosamples are part of our offering of groundbreaking technologies and independent, specialist advice

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Meet our flexible and committed Samples team

Joanne Hartley, Senior Scientist - Biosamples

"I help companies locate and access clinical samples for use in their research. I also support many of the team’s activities: tracking and progressing enquiries, supporting the generation of our supplier network and our virtual biobank initiative and I capture case studies and market insights on UK sample assets and access.

I have a background in life science having spent a large proportion of my career working for large pharma as a lab scientist and latterly as a Computational Biologist."

Helen Hind, Biosamples Lead

"I lead the Samples capability and our remit is to support organisations in accessing clinical samples. Based on previous feedback we’ve received from the UK life sciences sector, access to high quality clinical samples is something hugely important, but in practice it can be quite challenging to achieve.

My background is in life sciences research – I’ve previously worked for AstraZeneca, both as a lab-based scientist and then as a clinical trials manager in academia within the University of Liverpool Clinical Trials Research Centre, and within the NHS as a Business Development Manager for commercial research."

“Access to high quality clinical samples, along with technical risks in R&D projects, are the greatest challenges facing diagnostic companies”

Jag Grewal, Group Commercial Director, Omega Diagnostics

“Medicines Discovery Catapult provided guidance around fair pricing for clinical samples, and reviewed our cost recovery model."

Rebecca Elliott, Senior Project Manager, The University of Manchester

“I recently ordered a set of DNA samples... I am pleased with the high quality samples I have received, and am already looking to order more samples from them again.”

Dr Jacqueline Chan, Head of Oncology, Oxford Gene Technology

We work with drug discovery innovators across the UK

MDC helps understand the sample needs of industrial and academic innovators and then sources samples from a network of trusted suppliers.

Our virtual network has over 330 clinical sites and 1.5 million banked biosamples to provide UK innovators in drug discovery and diagnostics with the scale, range, and types of clinical samples they need.

Our partners have been carefully selected for their complementary ability to serve the community, and includes specialists in ultra-rapid sample distribution, sample access, liquid biopsy / diagnostics development and provides access to unique biosample sources.