MDC Connects 2021
A Guide to Complex Medicines

11 May - 22 June 2021  |  2 - 3PM BST

The medicines industry is in a period of change. While small molecule therapeutics still make up 90% of approved medicines, patient expectations are driving the industry towards targeted, precision treatments, which require a shift towards stratified, complex medicines with more challenging discovery and development needs.

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In this series of webinars, we will explore the opportunities and challenges presented by this new class of medicines, and be guided through the steps to take an idea from concept to the clinic. We will hear from the pioneers developing medicines and the experts available to support them.

“MDC Connects 2021: A guide to Complex Medicines” is a series of 6 weekly webinars starting on the 11 May and taking us to the end of lockdown!

Complex Medicines: Selection and Characterisation of the Lead  |  18 May 2021  |  Watch the Recording >
A look at assays, technologies and capabilities which can be employed to characterise the lead molecule.

Complex Medicines: Understanding Safety & Efficacy  |  15 June 2021
Experts describe how to establish preclinical safety and efficacy data for complex medicines and how this compares with conventional drug discovery

Complex Medicines: Understanding the Interplay with Biological Systems  |  25 May 2021  |  
Watch the Recording >
What can be learnt from traditional lead optimisation campaigns? We consider how to turn a lead in to a molecule with potential to be a medicine.

Complex Medicines: Ready for the Clinic/Scaling up for Success  |  22 June 2021
A panel of experts will describe how to prepare for the clinic; to formulate, scale up and navigate the regulatory approval process.

Complex Medicines: A Glance at Novel Drug Delivery Systems  |  8 June 2021  |  Watch the Recording >
Hear from the pioneers developing complex medicines and the challenges presented and overcome.

Complex Medicines: Why? What? When? Opportunities and Challenges  |  11 May 2021  |  Watch the Recording >
An introduction to the new and diverse field of complex medicines, the commercial opportunity presented and the current state of research in the UK community.