• Making safety part of drug design - Richard Knight, Apconix
  • How to get your molecule into humans: A practical guide for the present and a look to the future - Pauline Garner, Sequani
  • Challenges and opportunities of complex cell models in toxicity testing - Malcolm Haddrick, MDC

2pm BST, 10th June 2020

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Developing a Biomarker Strategy
2pm BST, Wednesday 17th June 2020

  • Designing a biomarker strategy - Gayle Marshall, MDC
  • The challenges of accessing clinical samples - Helen Hind, MDC
  • Biomarker identification: Assessing immune function - Russell Garland, Charles River Laboratories

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About the presenters

Pauline Garner 

Pauline started her career in non-clinical 23 years ago working in the Genetic Toxicology department at Sequani as a Study Director and latterly managing the team. Then in 2012, she made the transition to the Business Development department at Sequani. In her current role as a Programme Manager, Pauline manages the programmes of work that are placed at Sequani, encompassing General, Reproductive, Juvenile and Genetic Toxicology, as well as all supporting scientific disciplines such as Analytical Chemistry, Bioanalysis, Clinical Pathology and Pathology. Sequani Limited is a Contract Research Organisation in Ledbury offering non-clinical expertise and support throughout the development of a pharmaceutical, crop protection product or chemical.

Malcolm Haddrick

Malcolm is a Lead Scientist at Medicines Discovery Catapult with specific responsibility for complex cell model development and organ-on-a-chip applications. He has worked across efficacy and toxicity projects at AstraZeneca and Pfizer for the last 20 years, developing and running screening assays for small molecule drug discovery.

Richard Knight

Richard is a director and co-founder of ApconiX, a company providing nonclinical safety consultancy and ion channel laboratory services, based at Alderley Park. Prior to starting ApconiX in 2015, he was senior director in Safety Assessment at AstraZeneca with more than 25 years of project experience. Richard has worked across multiple therapy areas involving small molecules, biologics, proteins and oligonucleotides and been involved in bringing over 35 new candidate drugs into clinical trials as well as 6 to market.